Tuesday, April 8, 2008

He's a good man in a bad time...

Whatever happened to Nick Savage?

It takes a seriously over-confident chap to challenge the likes of both Jerry Dandrige AND Jason Voorhees! Enter character actor Nick Savage, a man who was certainly up for the task! I remember first seeing "Fright Night" and saying "Hey, that's the dude from 'Friday The 13th, Part III' and he still hasn't learned his lesson!"

In the third-dimensional "Friday" entry, Savage portrayed a vengeful biker named 'Ali' who presumably met his demise early in the film only to return during the finale, seemingly out of nowhere, extremely pissing Jason (Richard Brooker) off. The result of which was Ali's true demise, caused by an acute case of severed hand followed by a terminal case of quick death.

Fast forward to 1985 and Savage is back as 'Bouncer #1' in Tom Holland's "Fright Night". Of course, when he attempts to mess with Jerry Dandrige (Chris Sarandon), 'Bouncer #1' immediately regrets the decision and nearly does a #2 in his pants at the sight of this vamped-out gate crasher.

The Nick Savage Factor (as I've deemed it) is something I've always been intrigued with and it's definitely a relief to finally document the issue.

Where for art thou, Nick Savage?!
You can come out of hiding.
The coast is clear.
The boogeymen are all gone.

Or, are they?
[Insert sinister maniacal laughter here!]

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