Monday, March 10, 2008

A tangent leading up to a mission statement...

I wish I could remember the exact date of my initial viewing of Tom Holland's "Fright Night". What I do recall is that it was 1986. Having seen the TV spots during the film's theatrical run the previous year, and having heard all the school bus chatter from older classmates about how cool this film was, I eagerly anticipated the film's home video release. After a quick trip to Video Circle, I found myself popping the rental videocassette into my family's Montogomery Ward VCR. Approximately 106 minutes later, (Special thanks to RCA/Columbia Home Video for throwing in a commercial for the forgettable sex comedy, "Screen Test," after the film's end credits) I became an instant fan.

The truth is that I was a "Fright Night" fanboy long before the film was made, simply because I already loved the horror genre and could have been the 9-year-old equivalent to Charley Brewster. Alright, that's a total reach.

Anyhow, my point is that this film affected me. From beginning to end, "Fright Night" is perfect fun. Here is a film which succeeds at balancing both the classic and then-contemporary approach to the horror genre, while maintaining a timeless appeal. Not to mention the terrific story, direction, performances, cinematography, special effects, music, et cetera. A prime testament to the genre and yet another example that "They sure don't make 'em, like they used to".

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